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Activity Trackers

Don't drown in cheap registrations, wasted clicks, and impressions that don't convert. A successful launch needs users who actually use a service. We're action-evangelists. We've built our agency business by helping clients figure out how to identify and track engaged users of their product or services.

Proprietary Technology

Utilize our proprietary tools to analyze, plan, track and deliver active customers, collect information about your users, and to track and pay for the actions you want to encourage most. Boost your success by accessing all of our technology modules including "in-reg research", mobile-web lead generation, our offer router, and our quality and fraud-protection toos.

Fast Proof of Concept

Shorten the learning curve and build proof of concept quickly. Test user acquisition cost assumptions and your offer's performance quickly. LP provides guidance on pricing, tracking and media spend to over 400 start-up and branded clients. We can plug you quickly into traffic from over 7500 traffic partners. ,

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