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Lucky Pacific is a trusted agent between Advertisers that want to build an active audience and the web and mobile properties that can help them.

Super support for our super partners

Lucky Pacific hires only qualified, responsive professionals who care about helping you to be successful. We offer a variety of quality and volume-based incentives to top performers including prizes, cash bonuses, tiered payouts, and access to free or deeply discounted design and development resources. Partners can request support simply by registering for a Lucky Pacific Partner account and contacting your Partner Manager regarding available resources.

Can anybody join the network?

Everyone is FREE to apply. For faster handling and approval, we suggest you get a referral from a partner already running on the network. Qualified and referred applications will be contacted and screened prior to acceptance at Lucky Pacific.

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How much money can you make?

You tell us. We’re focused on finding unique offers with interesting partners. We provide tools for monitoring and insuring quality leads and high payouts. We keep our minimums low across the board in order to encourage quality affiliates to get started the right way, and we offer fast payouts and tiered CPAs to our volume partners who require special terms for the highest quality, highest volume traffic.

What type of traffic is allowed?

You’ll hear us talk a lot about finding the right quality of traffic for our offers. We understand that traffic naturally performs differently depending how it’s sourced, and we work hard to match up traffic sources with the right offers. We’ve had success with huge volumes of relatively inexpensive traffic, and with high quality, highly targeted traffic on the highest paying sorts of offers. We’ll work with you to get a traffic score for any and all of your channels and suggest the best programs for you, accordingly.

Tax Forms

If you want to get paid as quickly as possible, make sure you submit an appropriate tax form as soon as you’re approved for the network.

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