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Quality & Fraud

Methodology, Best Practices

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful performance marketing campaign. The first is to make sure your activity tracker aligns with your campaign goals. The second is to make sure you're A/B testing traffic, creative messages and registration paths to determine the optimal spend of your marketing dollars.

Some campaigns can be run for a penny a click, other campaigns need expensive, highly-targeted traffic to be succesful. Most campaigns require a mix of traffic with many different sources and methods of recruitment. That’s where we come in. Our traffic partners are all scored and rated for the different types of campaigns we run. We’ll work with you to figure out which categories of traffic work best for your offer, and then grow your business accordingly.

We’re Your Partner in Fighting Fraud

We control fraud by screening carefully any traffic partner we recruit and scoring them carefully based off of their experience with our introductory campaigns. We screen for even the most clever fraudsters, who use a variety of tactics to form-fill leads that aren’t relevant to your campaign or are recycled from other offers or other networks.

We use real-time, multivariate scoring and customized predictive analytics to quickly identify fraudulent data sources that allow us to spend less time weeding out bad data and more time growing your program. This way, we minimize your risk and let you maximize the value of each advertising dollar you spend.

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