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Lucky Pacific’s experience with brand advertisers and mobile app developers allows quick testing of new concepts. Push new products and services into the marketplace in a fast, risk-free manner. If you have traffic and are interested in helping advertisers find quality users apply today. We are always looking for new quality partners.

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Great ads and a strong referral program mean increased publisher revenues. Become a publisher and see what Lucky Pacific can do!

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Reach global users who actually use your product or service.

Lucky Pacific offers a large number of sources with one goal in mind - to help you identify, find, register and track active users to your service, product or platform. Lucky Pacific is your global business authority. Our services allow us to help your business in a number of clever cost-effective ways:

Performance marketing

Pay us when we perform the marketing functions you want.  We deliver on a cost-per-sale (CPS), cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-action (CPA; for example, filling in a web form), pay-per-view (PPV), or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Our offer team works with you to determine the channels most likely to be successful, and establish the right pricing and conversion targets for your business.

Lead/Activity Tracking

We work with you to identify the key conversion point for your service. We then develop, test and implement a plan to find engaged users who we can take to that conversion point. Once you have the data you need, we help you scale the business while maintaining quality.

In Reg Research

Lucky Pacific can set up screening surveys within your registration path to gather information on user preferences, reasons for registration and thoughts on the site. Though we can customize fully we also have a library of questions available if you need help determining the right questions to ask.

Offer Management

We’ve got the methodology, tools, experience, relationships, and quality assurance platform in place to kick-start your perfomrance marketing program. We work with you directly or in conjuntion with your advertising agency. We can even run all your links through our system to provide one neat dashboard to compare traffic sources. We’ll manage the program for you indefinitely, or help you set it up and transition it to your own internal team once you've standardized your pricing and tracking strategies.

Media Buying

Bring all of your media buying in-house to provide an easier experience for your marketing manager. We have access to all web and mobile sources that charge via the impression, click or action. Buying through Lucky Pacific means minimal markups and easy consolidated tracking.

Mobile Consultancy

The mobile web and mobile app install marketplace is a confusing landscape right now. We'll help you standardize your mobile ad formats and landing pages, consolidate your mobile app install tracking and pricing, and work with you to identify the right sources of traffic from our network of partners, sites, and mobile ad exchanges.

Responsive Team

Your success is important to us, it’s the only way we’ll get paid. This close goal alliance means that we pitch in and help whenever we can. We’ve helped partners with everything from finding alternate payment sources, developing distribution, partner development to email white-listing in China. We’ve been working in this space for a decade and we are willing to help our friends help you.

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